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MONFORTS roller brushes are at the heart of high performance, industrial washing, coating, sanding, peeling, dry-cleaning and de-dusting. Our development and production expertise are based on 66 years of market leadership, German engineering and innovation. Based on customer requests, our roller brushes are individually calculated, specified and hand made.

Fields of Application

Due to our unique bristling system, there is achieved a streak-free and an absolutely uniform brushing result. Fully electronical dynamic balancing ensures smooth running of the production machines and contributes significantly to low-maintenance operation. Unlike the conventional methods when the bristles are tufted or set hairpin-like in the bristle- carrier our products provide a high degree of accuracy and durability.

68 + Years of Experience

68 years of engineering and manufacturing experience

10,000,000 + Brush Rollers sold

Over 17 million new and regarnished roller brushes have been continuously delivered since year 1957

7.20 + Longest Brush Rollers delivered

The longest brush roller delivered is 7.2 meters and weighs 430 kilos

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